Photos – Basic Digital Photography Term Assignment

April 21, 2010

These are the shots I submitted for my Basic Digital Photography Term Assignment.

The brief of the assignment was to choose eight subjects out of ten and present an image embodying that particular subject. The eight I chose were:

  • Portrait
  • Blurring Motion
  • Freezing Motion
  • Maximum Depth of Field
  • Minimum Depth of Field
  • Backlit subject
  • Rule of Thirds Landscape
  • Subject/photo converted to Black & White or Sepia (I chose B&W).

I am happy to report that I got a 10/10 for the assignment! 😀


Photos – Grouse Mountain

April 20, 2010

I’ve lived in Vancouver for almost three years now. It took me that long to finally pay a visit to Grouse Mountain!

30th Birthday

April 20, 2010

In early April, I celebrated my 30th birthday.

There was a time this particular milestone seemed to be an abstraction. I remember thinking in my teens and very early 20s that 30 was ‘old’, as do most young people at that particular stage in life. During my 20s, as I went through college, worked and travelled, it was still a somewhat obscure number. I’d had thoughts that “By the time I’m 30, I’ll be doing [insert life goal here].”

Next thing I know – BANG! There it is!

The birthday weekend itself was fine – I had some quiet celebrations. I indulged myself with a massage on the Friday, followed by dinner with some friends on the Saturday night. On Sunday, after living in Vancouver for the better part of three years, I finally made it up to Grouse Mountain! As I wasn’t up for skiing or snowboarding, I just spent a couple of hours up there enjoying the view and taking photos.

To say the week that followed was not a good one would be an understatement. For about six days, I went into a deep, dark depression. As in, feeling VERY down, not wanting to do anything and other elements which I will not elaborate upon here. A couple of my Facebook status updates during this period had a number of my friends contacting me to say “Are you OK?” I am beyond grateful to those who touched base and a couple of people in particular who took the time to chat with me during this period. They know who they are 🙂

To this day, I can’t quite put my finger on a specific trigger. I suspect it was a multitude of factors: the stress of everything that’s happened in the last few months, college studies, a mild fight with the boyfriend (now resolved, thankfully) and subconscious matters regarding the thought of “Oh crap, I’m 30 years old.”

The major part of it is an awareness of time passing and one’s mortality. Granted, compared to a number of my friends, I’m still relatively young. Yet, I’m acutely aware that the clock is ticking.

During that week, I spent a good portion of time contemplating my life to date – what I have and haven’t done, the experiences I went through, all that jazz. There are times I’d wish I’d taken a different course of action. One example: in the early 2000s, I’d started on a Graphic Design & Multimedia course at TAFE in Western Australia. If I’d completed that course – rather than dropping out – I could be a well-established graphic designer (or other related media) by now. Instead, I’m a student again and scrambling for some form of employment.


What would have happened if I had followed the career/corporate lifestyle early on? It’s highly likely that I would be in a far better position professionally. On a personal level, I’ve had two opportunities to be married with kids by now. I knocked both of them back. In one of those two cases, it was the bullet I dodged.

If my life hadn’t taken the major fork it did around 2003/2004,  I would have missed out on all the travelling I’ve done and the experiences I’ve had as a result of those journeys. What of the people I’ve met? What of the deviations in the path of life that has brought me to here and now?

Sure, I might not be a high-flying success (yet! ;)), but I’ve lived a life to date that has caused some people to envy me (why, I don’t know – trust me on this one!). I’ve moved halfway around the world under my own steam, seen and done some amazing things. Sure, there have been difficult patches and setbacks – that’s life. A dear friend said to me recently that the 20’s are the time where one is finding oneself, figuring out the world and one’s place in it. By the time the 30’s roll around, a person has a better handle on who they are, is less concerned with bullshit and generally has a better time enjoying life. I’m inclined to believe her. 🙂

Would I change the way I lived through my 20’s, and my life to date?

Hell no! 😀

Photos – Arbutus Community Garden

April 19, 2010

My friend C & I went on a brief photo trip to the Arbutus Community Gardens back in mid-March. There’s a number of small community gardens scattered around in Vancouver. This particular garden is located near West 6th Ave & Maple Street in the Kitsilano neighborhood.

Whither the (Kinky) Pixie?

April 19, 2010

I seem to be forming a tradition of making blog posts every few months. I really need to work on self-discipline.


I made it down to Australia and back in one piece, arriving back in Vancouver around March 7th 2010. Highlights of the Australia trip included two cross country drives, catching up with some old friends, a reunion with my boyfriend and an unpleasant incident with a kangaroo in outback New South Wales. I’ll be posting some pics and a dedicated blog about the Australia trip soon.

“Boyfriend?”, I hear readers say. That would be my ex-partner from a couple of years ago. We were together for a while prior to my move to Canada, but parted ways shortly thereafter. We didn’t speak for a while, but got back in contact in 2008 and have talked regularly ever since. During my time in Australia…well, it’s pretty obvious. 🙂 At this point, it’s a case of seeing how things go. Long-distance relationships are difficult, at best, but one never knows, eh?

Since returning to Vancouver, my college studies have been my primary focus. The time and effort I’m putting in seems to be paying off. The Dreamweaver class finished last week and I submitted my final assignment last night. Fingers crossed that my self-imposed challenge of A+ marks across all Dreamweaver levels comes to fruition!

The other three classes are still in progress. Final Flash class is tonight – hoping I’m going to get a decent mark there. I’ve also been getting great marks for my photography assignments, but I won’t have the final verdicts until the end of April/early May. All the indicators are positive, though. 🙂

I’ll be taking a break from studying for a while once these four units are concluded. I’ve been at it non-stop since October last year and I need to absorb what I’ve learnt so far. The general plan for the summer is to pick up some work for a while before diving back into academia in August and September. I also need to spend more time with my camera.

A certain milestone was reached in early April: my 30th birthday. Bit of an odd time, I have to say. I had a small celebration dinner on the Saturday night, followed by my first trip to Grouse Mountain and a Canucks game on the Sunday. The following week, however…ugh, I shudder to think of it. Let’s just say “the deep dark hole” appeared and ate me for a few days. Thankfully, it’s now passed, I’m back to relative normality and feeling a lot better about things.

I also have a number of events to look forward to in the coming months. I have my friend K coming up from the States next week for a few days. It is my intention to send him back with a sore bottom, if possible. 😉 All going well, my boyfriend will be coming over for a couple of months later in the year. On top of that – Rush is touring! Woohoo!!

On another note, I’ve been reviewing my blog posts from the beginning. One thing has struck me – the lack of ‘twisted’ travels or ‘twisted’ anything to date. Plenty of ordinary travelling, yes, but not much on the kink side of things.

I can’t say I’m surprised. I’d effectively dropped out of the Vancouver community by the latter half of last year. Indeed, I’ve been to one kink event in the last six months and that was a Sin City event back in November 2009. Since then, nada.

My wager is that it’s the nature of life. Some kinky peeps are fortunate enough to be able to live the lifestyle on a regular basis. Others cycle in and out, depending on time, energy and circumstance. At this point, I’m one of the latter.

As much fun as it is to be tied up and beaten (or tying up and beating someone else! ;)) there are times where play winds up taking a back seat due to the demands of college, work and everyday life. It’s not to say a person has lost their kinky desires or is merely a dabbler. Far from it.  It’s just the way it is.

* * * *

Freeze this moment a little bit longer
Make each sensation a little bit stronger
Experience slips away…
Rush – “Time Stand Still”