New Job…

Yes, I know – an update is sorely needed. I really need to get back up to speed vis-a-vis photos.

In the meantime, I’m rejoicing, for I am now employed again. Hurrah! 😀

Still in the trial period at the moment, but it’s looking VERY good indeed! The job is evening shift, doing something for which I seem to have a natural talent – data entry. The pay…could be better, but that will come in time. Besides, a job where it’s casual dress, that works in with my natural bio-rhythms and allows me to listen to music whilst I work – it’s groovy for me.

Overall, I’m just relieved to be working again! If all works out with this job, it might just save my Canadian life. Sure, I won’t be living the high life for a while and any travels I do in the near future will be relatively frugal, but better to have some funds coming in the door than nothing at all.

I have to say, I’m feeling a lot better overall these days. After getting the “lose weight” order from my doctor a few weeks ago, I’ve started walking and/or swimming on a regular basis. It’ll take a while for the benefits to kick in fully, but apparently it looks like I’m losing a few pounds already.

Living in the West End has it’s benefits, thanks to the proximity of Lost Lagoon, English Bay and Stanley Park. The rise and fall of the streets also presents an interesting challenge, albeit one that I’m overcoming. My stamina is improving and I’m now at the point where I’m merely breathing heavily (ha ha) after an extended uphill walk. A few weeks ago, it was a case of gasping for air and having to stop every block or so.

On top of that, my kinky side has been relatively neglected of late. Apart from one or two play sessions (one public, one private), I really haven’t been doing much over the last couple of months. To be fair, there have been other issues taking up my time and energy, but I do need to reactivate that part of myself again. Been too long, sayin’? Honestly – if it wasn’t for the plastic container, my rope collection would be full of dust bunnies by now – eek!

Besides, it’s high time I brought some kink ramblings into the mix – without them, the “Travels” aren’t really that “Twisted”, are they? 😀


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