Hurrah for Mirrors…

Thanks to various distractions today, I lost out on natural light for my Photo of the Day. Ergo, time for a momentary flash of inspiration involving me, my camera and my partner’s bathroom mirror.

I call this one “Under Stress”…


Getting a little anxious and scattered in the lead-up to the Australia trip. My partner says I have nothing to worry about. True, to a degree, but I do have a fair bit to do before I leave. It’s not just mirrors but also the concept of lists that are worth a “hurrah!”. Having a list of “Things to Do” helps one’s state of mind immeasurably. 🙂


One Response to Hurrah for Mirrors…

  1. cindiaugustine says:

    Aha!! So it begins…you miss out on natural light, you’re too sick to go out…and bingo you’re forced into a creative moment. I told you 365s were fun. ::sticking out my tongue::

    Everyone gets stressed before a trip. Hang in there, baby!! HUG!

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