Snow Returns to Vancouver

Yet another snow day in Vancouver. Oh joy. Quite a shame, really, considering the blue skies of yesterday.

Even ‘native Vancouverites’ are amazed at the oddly Canadian wintry weather we’ve been experiencing of late. Vancouver has a reputation for rain rather than snow, the Coastal Mountains being an exception. As I put it to my partner last night, maybe we’re overdue for a true Canadian winter…

What worries me is that I’m supposed to be driving down to San Francisco for my Australian flight in a few days. I can only hope the snow melts in time. I’m already going mildly out of my mind as it is with trip preparations, making lists of things to do before and after I go. It’s bad enough I have to contemplate snow chains, the last thing I need is to get stuck in snow somewhere. Ugh, too much stress!

The snow and grey skies today didn’t really help my mood much. However, it did give me an interesting and abstract Photo of the Day.



One Response to Snow Returns to Vancouver

  1. cindiaugustine says:

    Yay, a pixie photoblog!! Love the abstract!!

    And yes, this “native Vancouverite” feels like she’s been transported to Edmonton or Toronto…or…Heaven Forbid, Winnipeg!! ::shudder:: I sure appreciated the lift today in all that snow. 😉

    I demand you be safe on your trip, Wandering One, I’m looking forward to the photos (and your return).

    Hugs, C.

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