On the road again…

January 15, 2009

Made it down to Australia in one piece. Currently wading through and sorting nearly 30 years worth of crap. Yay for my friend in Victoria for being such a good sport about it all! 😀

I haven’t forgotten the 365 photo project, just been flat out since I hit the ground in Australia last Sunday (local time). I’ll be catching up soon, though…



January 6, 2009

Another post-sunset shot today. I call this one “Leftovers” 😉


Can’t really think too clearly at the moment. On tenterhooks, waiting for funds to come through, the clock is ticking…

Hurrah for Mirrors…

January 4, 2009

Thanks to various distractions today, I lost out on natural light for my Photo of the Day. Ergo, time for a momentary flash of inspiration involving me, my camera and my partner’s bathroom mirror.

I call this one “Under Stress”…


Getting a little anxious and scattered in the lead-up to the Australia trip. My partner says I have nothing to worry about. True, to a degree, but I do have a fair bit to do before I leave. It’s not just mirrors but also the concept of lists that are worth a “hurrah!”. Having a list of “Things to Do” helps one’s state of mind immeasurably. 🙂

Snow Returns to Vancouver

January 3, 2009

Yet another snow day in Vancouver. Oh joy. Quite a shame, really, considering the blue skies of yesterday.

Even ‘native Vancouverites’ are amazed at the oddly Canadian wintry weather we’ve been experiencing of late. Vancouver has a reputation for rain rather than snow, the Coastal Mountains being an exception. As I put it to my partner last night, maybe we’re overdue for a true Canadian winter…

What worries me is that I’m supposed to be driving down to San Francisco for my Australian flight in a few days. I can only hope the snow melts in time. I’m already going mildly out of my mind as it is with trip preparations, making lists of things to do before and after I go. It’s bad enough I have to contemplate snow chains, the last thing I need is to get stuck in snow somewhere. Ugh, too much stress!

The snow and grey skies today didn’t really help my mood much. However, it did give me an interesting and abstract Photo of the Day.


2009 – A Year of Photos / Intro

January 2, 2009

One of my major goals for 2009 is to get back into my photography again.

Events over the last few months (scooter accident, constant house-moving, life) drained the creative juices and I’ve gone days, even weeks without touching my cameras. Yes, the “Year of Photos” idea isn’t particularly original, but it’s a good motivator nonetheless.

I had toyed with the idea of a double “365” project, one set being ‘regular’ photos of everyday scenes, people or objects, with a kinky counterpart. However, best not to push myself too much at this early stage. I’m sure it’s one of the tenets of Sod’s Law that if one tries to attempt too much in one hit, one is inevitably doomed to failure.

As for the rest of it – this is going to be my regular blog for EVERYTHING. Whether I feel like doodling or declaiming about daily life, ruminating on my BDSM experiences or simply jabber about my latest travels, this’ll be where you can find it. Best to keep everything in one spot, no?

Now, without further ado, my first two pics for 2009 – A Year of Photos…